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    Hugh T. Corbett
    Executive Director
    Office Phone (207) 430-5711     Mobile (207)592-4265     E-Mail Hugh Corbett

    Robert L. Jandreau
    Director of Operations / General Manager
    Office Phone (207) 430-6601     Mobile (207)441-5197      E-Mail Robert Jandreau

    Timothy P. McCabe
    Director of Business Development
    Office Phone (207) 430-5693     Mobile (207)441-5194      E-Mail Timothy McCabe

    Kent A. Cousins
    Director of Program Management
    Office Phone (207) 430-5713     Mobile (207)215-0650      E-Mail Kent Cousins

    Vicki L. Dube-Labrie
    Director of Human Resources
    Office Phone (207) 430-6401     Mobile (207)215-0441      E-Mail Vicki Dube-Labrie

    Terry D. Susee
    Director of Production
    Office Phone (207) 430-5714     Mobile (207)215-7899      E-Mail Terry Susee

    Rae-Lynn A. Jansen
    Director of Finance
    Office Phone (207) 430-5709     Mobile (207)441-5565      E-Mail Rae-Lynn Jansen

    Jerry L. Holmes
    ISO Quality Manager
    Office Phone (207) 430-6400      E-Mail Jerry Holmes

Maine Military Authority Director Staff & ISO Quality Representative